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Why is it always I?

6 Aug

These words are being typed from my brand-new Macbook Pro, which was purchased at a local Best Buy along with a Kindle Touch. Anyone who knows me might know that while I prefer “actual” books bound in paper to holding an electronic reader, but I read so much that I’ve taken to carrying around one of those things after all. During winter break, however, I left my Kindle in the car during a snowy Chicago evening as we went to a Christmas party at my aunt’s house. One of my aunts – cannot remember which, to be honest – asked to see it out of curiosity. So I went outside in the lovely-crisp air and took out the eReader, which refused to turn on from then on.

My sister Caroline received a Kindle Fire at one point or another, but she eventually tired of it and gave it to our other sister, Laura. She didn’t care for it either, so I ended up taking it. Really it wasn’t a bad device; it merely had a permanent backlight, which is hard to read with in the sun. Call me picky, but we went to purchase a third Kindle – this one a Touch – from Best Buy yesterday, and it’s either extremely difficult to figure out or (more likely) simply a dud. It doesn’t respond to my touch most of the time and there are only two non-digital buttons, neither of which are very responsive. My eventual goal is to become less cumbersome in terms of what I carry around; a slim piece of electronic equipment is ideally suited to replace ten fat books, but only if it works. Perhaps I’ll trade it in for a different one, maybe even a simple original Kindle. That way I can return to reading Laini Taylor’s beautifully-written YA fantasy novel, Daughter of Smoke & Bone.

Currently I am trying to plot a two-hour play and it could be going a lot better. It’s hard to come up with an entire plot, harder to come up with an original one – especially when it’s not born of a strike of inspiration so much as the need to write something for improvement’s sake. At least I have “Of Sophia’s Song,” the last track of the CD Sophia’s Garden by Herb Moore, to keep me relatively sane for the moment. The story behind the album is really sad, but the music is just lovely. I’ve no idea why Herb Moore is not more famous, or why his albums keep going out of print. The other two of which I am aware are Dragon Dreams and H2O Overture. They’re all very relaxing and thoughtful. Maybe I ought to try and draw some inspiration from them?